Workshops in the spirit of Olympic excellence
Development and empowerment of the personal abilities of managers

Ori Sasson presents openly and thought-provokingly in the workshop the skills and mental tools that helped him on his way to the Olympic medals, while demonstrating it on the judo mat and with your participation!

Come and experience up close the struggles and challenges of Olympic judoka and together we will understand the connection between the highest Olympic levels of achievement on the judo mat, and record performance in the business arena.

How can the workshop help you and your team


Dealing with stress and pressure


Creativity and mental openness


Dealing with failure




Creating a sense of competence




Self-fulfillment and meaning

“There are many similarities between the Olympic judoka and the successful manager – we both go a long way, full of challenges, disappointments, successes and achievements. We deal with goal setting, pressure and a competitive environment, maintaining long-term operational effectiveness, and we both have the need for self-fulfillment and meaning. “

What they tell about us


One-day workshop

An experiential presentation and workshop with Ori on the mat

Extended one-day workshop

An experiential presentation and workshop with Ori on the mat + a conversation with the judo team psychologist, Elad Pazi

Modular program

Building 3 topic-focused meetings according to the customer’s needs, including a one-on-one meeting for a personal conversation with a manager in the organization with Ori

Why Us

Personal customization

You choose with us what content to focus on and where to hold the workshop

A unique experience

Leaving the office and moving on to the judo mat

Proven quality

Ori Sasson – Twice Olympic medalist, speaks with you at eye level

Realization of the values of Olympic excellence

Excellence, determination, courage and inspiration

We are waiting for you on the judo mat

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Is previous judo experience necessary?
The workshop does not require previous experience in judo, and anyone in good health can participate. In any case, if you want – you can put on a judo uniform, to feel a bit like a real judoka.
Where does the workshop take place, in your office or in a judo hall?
The workshop can be held in a judo hall. It is possible to examine the possibility of having it in your office, depending on the size of the room and the number of people for an additional fee.
What is the recommended number of participants in the workshop?
We recommend at least 10 people, and no more than 25, to ensure an optimal experience for each participant. You are invited to consult with us.
Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is suitable for managers at all levels.
What is the duration of the workshop
A workshop that includes a conversation and experience on the mat with Ori takes about two and a half hours. An extended workshop that also includes a conversation with a judo team psychologist takes about 3 and a half hours. We can also prepare tailor-made workshops to your organization as needed.
Is the workshop only suitable for managers only?

Contact us, on WhatsApp or email and we’ll see how we can adjust the workshop for you